Legal aid is mainly the provision of help to those that cannot afford legal representation and access to the court system. It is good to have a lawyer because we never know when disaster could strike. However this is a very expensive venture and sometimes we do not think about those out there who cannot afford to hire one. This makes them feel as though they do not have rights and are eventually marginalized. However legal aid is what helps the most vulnerable around us, also giving them a say when it comes to attaining justice.

Why is it beneficial?

First and foremost, it is free. This makes it very beneficial because those that cannot afford it will have an alternative. With it being free also brings in more benefits.

  1. Pays for legal advice: Those living in underprivileged situations in the UK also have a lot of wrangles among them and it can be very frustrating for them to feel as though they do not have any one to turn to. However legal aid comes as a rescue for a large number. This way all the advice they need is relayed to them. This helps them feel included in the law system too.
  2. Mediation: With regards to legal advice it means that legal aid comes to try and create a solution when there have been complicated situations. It is clear that most of the time, anything to do with the law is very hard to deal with and only experts can handle it. It is more valuable when they mediate in situations like housing, debts and so much more.
  3. Representation in court: When there has been a situation in the workplace like an accident, those most vulnerable are a target because they most of the time have nobody to stand in the gap for them. This is why legal aid comes in handy. When those that are vulnerable get protection as well they feel encouraged and in this way get a voice as well. Legal aid actually offers a voice for the voiceless.

Issues that legal aid addresses are things like:

  1. Debt: In these tough economic times, many are unable to pay their debt. Therefore, legal aid mediates in these situations and comes to a workable solution. This comes as a very good way to lighten a load.
  2. Work: This is another way that legal aid comes in handy. Those that cannot afford to get good jobs are represented and helped to get employment. Another thing is that some are mistreated by their employers and this is a way for them to come out of a trap.
  3. Education problems: Affording an education can be very complicated; however legal aid comes in and finds a solution to the problem. On way this can happen is by helping those underprivileged to look for scholarships and that propel them to a good future.

It is clear that legal aid is of great assistance.