Legal Aid is the right of every citizen residing within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Every citizen’s right to law is ensured by the governmental grants of legal aid that make affording lawyers so easy and costless. It can either be legal advice or assistance offered through professionals, included in one of welfare clauses of the country. Legal help can borrowed from the government in all the areas of civil, criminal, ownership transfer, debt claim, family benefits, academic sponsorship and many more. It is indeed extremely relieving to learn that a state appointed qualified solicitor handles everything for plaintiffs without charging a dime.

An Expatiated Look at the Offered Legal Aids

Chances of involvement in legal issues are looming almost in every part of life. The government offers assistance in cases like being charged by the cop for some felony, debt cases charged by bailiffs, workplace bully or unfair dismissal from work, divorce cases, unfair evacuation, payment benefits, family troubles, etc. Even cases like personal injury, libel, defamation and boundary disagreement, making a will, etc. can be sought assistance for.

No matter what your case is, help of different kinds can be sought from the government. You can apply for legal advice regarding a legal case or simply a professional to speak in favor of you in the court. Family help and mediation are offered for out-of-the-court settlements where representatives are necessary to solve them legally. Finally, if you need a solicitor for a case you want to present in the court, you can seek the service from your government. However, as a disclaimer, one should remember that though the service is fully costless, the plaintiff might have to contribute something for the incidentals.

The service is one of the few that are granted for the welfare of the people.


Other than the legal areas, rights for the citizens are also reserved in other areas like society, culture and economy. The final point of applying for the benefit is to get free legal service when sparing cash is a difficulty for you. So, whatever is the reason for your financial crunch, you have to present them with proper documentation in order to make them believe that you are in dire need of the support.

Bring forth housing problems, debts, low income level, age, etc. to support the claim for benefits pertaining to civil cases. As for criminal cases, you need to apply for a qualified barrister who can be your legal representative in the case. People under the age of 16 or 18 are qualified for the claim. However, if you are still confused, you can make use of the online calculators to check if you qualify for the grant.

Legal aids are offered only to those who are in real need of it. Do not think that your expenses will be at a zero if you acquire their services because they only offer the service for free. You will have to provide for the rest of the expenses.