Legal aid in the United Kingdom and around the world is referred to the provision of state provided legal help to plaintiffs who are financially challenged to afford a lawyer. Representatives are provided to the wronged financially broken victims so that they can gain access to the court system to get justice. The provision of legal aid is age old and is still in practice in nations, even after the emergence of newer models of legal help like no-win-no-fee, duty lawyers, etc.

The History of the Proviso

The roots of legal aid have been traced to the welfare state that has some reservations made for the sake of benevolence of the countrymen. Legal aid is a token of help extended to make law accessible and available to all so that so offender can escape without being sued for the wrongs they have done on the innocent. Such welfare provisions are reserved as a social right and economic right of every citizen living within the boundaries of the country. It emerged during the later part of 20th Century, the time when the capitalist government decided to lay down some city liberties and welfare rights for its people. Since many victims fail to afford the high charges of the lawyers, they turn to the government to provide them with one who can represent them in the court of law.

Legal Aid Rights

Most of the people are aware of what legal aid is, but are not keen on knowing how it can help them until a mishap strikes. It is the only costless way of hiring legal help without approaching a friend or an acquaintance to do the job for you. The legal aid professional can give you advice on the case, legislations that apply to the case and paperwork that can sort of the entire case in a jiffy. The lawyers can be of major help in out-of-the-court settlements like in negotiating, witnessing a deed, sealing a deal, etc.

However, in the court, you can seek helps of a legal aid professional of different kinds. You need to hire the services of a legal representative to be your formal representative in order to present the case before the body of jury. Alternatively, if you are seeking help at court, you will have a professional to speak in favor of you in the court without being your formal representative. Family help and meditation are two different kinds of services that can help you settle family disputes and sign up agreements outside the court.

Claiming Legal Aid

You can claim legal aid of any of the abovementioned kind through your local or community advisor who assists people in legal matters. However, help will be rendered if you can show the evidence of your financial crisis. You have to show records of your income, expenditures and savings of the last few months. Insured citizens can also apply for the same if the situation is still favorable. However, identification cards are necessary when you are to apply for legal aid.