Legal aid Privacy Policy. entirely aims at benefitting people from all parts of the society to receive adequate help for legal presentation. The site aims to deliver uses with updated information about developments in this field and how far legislative and judicial amendments have started impacting the existing policy structure. Administration of the site understands quite well that the information they are dealing with regarding legal aid is sensitive and requires to be dealt with sincerity. Thus administration of the website abstains itself from any such conscious effort that aims at manipulation of such information and consequently, may lead to misguiding readers under need. The main purposes served through grating legal aid are justifying the jurisprudential principles, namely, equality before the law, right to counsel and right to fair trial. Since the point of genesis, the English Law has always attempted to celebrate these three principles as the main foundation of its jurisprudence. wishes to continue with this approach further and aims at helping the needy ones to enjoy the maximum access to justice.

The Organizational Focus: aims at providing the highest importance in delivering quality service to all its users in order to receive the best access to any type of legal crisis. Despite the main focus of its operation remains concentrated on the UK, however in certain cases citizens from other jurisdictions may also received the adequate help. While this website deals mostly with the legal aid issues, on the other hand, additional problems like immigration, fraud, confusions regarding legal rights, civil liberty, and criminal defence have also received adequate attention. Users, looking forward to contact lawyers and law firms, will also receive quality assistance from the website.

Disclaimer – Personal Information: doesn’t disclose personal information of users or those who register themselves with the website, in any form, under any circumstance. Management of the website provides the highest importance to protecting personal details in any form and attempts the level best to stop such information from being misappropriated or misused.

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Disclaimer – Information Displayed on the Website:

The information that the website delivers its users with the benevolent wish to benefit them, can be shared elsewhere, provider the sharer does the same with by correctly citing the original source. None of the information, share on the website, is aimed at offending, annoying or hurting any individual or a community. Information that has been derived from other sources will be correctly cited, with proper accreditation to the author. However, the site will not be responsible for accepting any form of liability if certain details are published elsewhere by any other source with the intention to defame the website. In any such cases, such acts will be addressed accordingly by management of the website and if required, adequate legal attention will also be drawn to this issue.